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Painting is one of the oldest forms of art. One of my favorite painters happens to be Raja Ravi Varma. Romancing couple is one of my personal favorites. In fact in last century or so Hindus have seen Gods from his eyes ( I mean the way he has depicted). You can find a few of his paintings here.

Another painter that has fascinated the world happens to be Leonardo da Vinci. His paintings too have a great influence on how we see Jesus today. One of his greatest contributions to this world, 'The last supper' has gone online & I think everybody is really hooked onto it. The Nikon D2X camera took 1677 shots of the 460 x 880 cm painting powered by 2 Quad Core AMD Opteron processors to give a 16 billion pixels image of The Last Supper. It will be really advantageous to many art lovers as they can watch the minor details of the masterpiece live on their monitor screen and not have to travel to Milan. In fact they will get a better view of the painting sitting at their home. You can see the finest of the cracks in the painting. After Dan Brown's book 'The DaVinci code' , there will be many enthusiasts looking at this masterpiece eagerly.

If you still haven't seen the painting, here it is at the haltadefinizione's website.

At a resolution of 172181 x 93611, it really won't fit into any ordinary monitor so have to see it in pieces. At 100% zoom you can see 3.7 X 2 cm of the painting at a time. There is also the H9 watermark all over that may be disturbing to watch. It would have been better if there was some downloadable file that I could download to my machine and watch offline, but at that high resolution size downloading it is a big constraint too. May be they can provide some smaller resolution images for download.


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