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I didn't really want to make "HOW TO WRITE YOUR NAME IN 3D" as the title of the post but yes, one curious artist landed on my blog from google search with the search string "HOW TO WRITE YOUR NAME IN 3D".
I'm also interested to write something in 3D but I dont have any 3D drawing softwares. Well I can use Inkscape for 3D looking text but its cumbersome & lot of work.
May be you need software like blender to do that or may be the google sketchup.
I tried with google sketchup.
here's the result

Then did a touch up with Gimp. Here's the result.

All I did this in 4 minutes. So if you give it some time you can do wonders with it.


  1. p said...
    How about using Blender for real 3D. It's also open source (free)! :)
    rockraikar said...
    yes, I have also mentioned that you can do the 3d text in Blender also.. Blender is really great. But the learning curve is steep. I am not that familiar with Blender but with Google sketchup, so blogged about it.
    Annisa Walda said...

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