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Brilliant cut is one of the most popular diamond cuts. It consists of 58 facets, 33 on the crown (topview) and 25 on the pavillion(bottomview). I was thinking of illustrating it and got a pretty decent Diamond. Have a look at it.

A diamond by ~rockraikar on deviantART

I just thought of sharing how to draw this. I have two png files at for top as well as bottom view.
Top view of diamond and Bottom view of diamond show how to draw them.
I haven't written more about filling with gradients there. Its pretty simple. Use a gradient with white & light greyish colors. It would be better if you have reduced the opacity of few colors because if we do an overlapping of these views , you will get a cool diamond as the one here.

I drew a cool Brilliant cut diamond Ring, looks pretty nice.

A diamond ring. by ~rockraikar on deviantART

If you have any doubts then please do mail or comment. You can also subscribe to my rss feed here.
Happy Inkscaping.


  1. Odd Fac' said...
    Wow, this is "brilliant" hehe

    Well done honestly!

    (It's really all done with Ink'? O.O → impressed)
    Anonymous said...
    wheres the tutorial?
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