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To do list...

1) A personal profile page using XHTML, CSS and bit of Javascript.
2) An Avatar image.
3) An email signature.

Using Amaya and Nvu for designing the profile page. Nvu doesn't support XHTML and Amaya isn't user friendly for CSS editing (at least for me). I really like Nvu's CSS editing interface. To define structure and to abide by XHTML rules, will use Amaya and for CSS editing will use Nvu. Probably will be hosting it on googlepages . Wish Google did some work & improved the googlepages interface and gave its users some freedom. One important thing that I would like is labels for the uploaded files. It will really help me clean my messy uploaded stuff section.

An avatar, probably will use Inkscape and Gimp.

For email signature, i'll go with pure html and inline styles with minimal images. also have to make one for forums which will be pure image.


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