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Entering the art world.

I am not a full time dedicated artist or designer, but an enthusiastic creative experimenter trying to sketch-out things & also in the process learn more about visual art and designs.

I use open source softwares like GIMP , Inkscape and freeware Irfanview . This may be an hindrance as everybody else works on the advanced Adobe products but one thing is sure creativity is natural,no software can feed you with creativity !

I'll be back with some of my logos, pics & all that I have created.


  1. Mahesh Bhat said...
    Hi Raikar. :)

    Seems like both of us are on the same track in terms of choice of software.

    I too use GIMP and Inkscape.

    Do have a look through my art blog:

    Subscribing to your feed now. Keep posting. :)

    Vinay Raikar said...
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